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Mont-Tremblant International Airport

After many years of development, Mont-Tremblant finally is accessible by air at less than 35 minutes form the Mont-Tremblant International Station. The military airport of La Rouge (previously La Macaza) has been transformed in a civilian airport of international class.

Critics are unanimous to describe the quality of services and the convenience for travellers staying at Mont-Tremblant.

With this airport, Mont-Tremblant opens the door to a prestigious clientele and is proving again it's international vocation.

You will find hereafter the technical caracteristics of the Mont-Tremblant International Airport.

A shuttle service to Mont-Tremblant is offered during the winter season.
La-Rouge-Mont-Tremblant International, QC
Aerodrome Information
Location identifier: CYFJ

ARP Latitude/Longitude : N46 24 45 W74 46 46 Datum (NAD83/WGS 84)

Site elevation: 827 feet
TDZE: RWY 03L: 827 feet
RWY 21R: 827 feet

Site name: La-Rouge-Mont-Tremblant Int'l

Site location (City/province): La Rouge QC (35 km from Tremblant Resort)

Runway identifier: 03 (011ºT);
21 (191 ºT)

Threshold Latitude/Longitude:
RWY 03: N46 24 17.72401 W74 46 52.43074
RWY 21: N46 25 01.39360 W 74 46 40.68347

Runway length: 5600 feet
Runway width: 100 feet
Runway surface: Asphalt
Runway end elevation: RWY 03: 824 feet
RWY 21: 827 feet

Runway lighting: RWY 03 & 21: TE(ME)

Communication: UNICOM 122.7

ARCAL 122.7 (K) (not operational)

Windsock at both ends left side

Air/ground frequencies: 122.7

Altimeter setting source: Local by UNICOM 122.7

Operator/manager: Mont-Tremblant International

Site phone number: (819) 275-9099

Distance/direction from city: 2.5N

Fuel type available : Jet A-1, 100 LL

Site private/public: Registered PPR

IFR approach: GPS R-Nav on runway 21

Custom clearance: The airport is CAN-PASS and Normal custom on demand.

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